ARC Academy Shinjuku School
- Study Japanese in a relaxed atmosphere -
[Shinjuku-Ekimae School]
ARC Academy Shinjuku-ekimae School is located in a very convenient place that is within a five-minute walk from the west exit of Shinjuku station. You can easily go make an excursion to various spots after your lesson.

You can come into contact with not only Japanese culture but also many different cultures, as the students in Shinjuku-ekimae School are from all over the world. Our lessons are in small groups compare to other schools which means it gives you more opportunities to speak out in the class.

As we always have English-speaking staffs at the school, you can ask us for any help besides your study. Our cozy atmosphere offers the best environment to improve your Japanese skills.

You can study on your own in a study room after the lesson, so you can freely ask the teachers questions. You can start with a solid foundation even if you are a complete beginner as the curriculum in Shinjuku-ekimae School moves on a little slowly.
The nationalities are nicely mixed in Shinjuku School.
[Surrounding Area of Shinjuku School]
Convenience stores, cafés, different kinds of restaurants such as Indian, Thai, Korean, ramen, as well as kaiten-sushi (belt-conveyered sushi restaurant) are around the school, so you can try many different dishes with your friends for lunch. Not only large departments like Odakyu and Isetan but also electronics shops like Bic Camera is just around the corner.

We are also close to the Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall where you can overlook Tokyo from the free observation galleries in each tower at 45 floors up.

After all, you will never have trouble finding places to shop or to dine out as we are located in a business district. You will find internet cafés, a large bookstore, 100-yen shops etc if you go to the east exit.
Tokyo Metropolitan
Government Building
The east side of Shinjuku station
is flooded with signs
The west side of the station
The school is in this side.