ARC Academy Kyoto School

Let’s study Japanese together in the historical and cultural city “Kyoto”

The school staff

The entrance

[Kyoto School]

Students in Kyoto school are from all over the world such as Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hungary and many more other countries!

Our lessons are based on small-group teaching. Therefore, there are many opportunities for students to speak Japanese under the homey and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition, we organize some activities for students to feel and experience traditional Japanese culture once in three months. Students can learn and enjoy both Japanese and Japanese culture in our school.

[Surrounding Area of Kyoto School]

Kyoto, once the capital city of Japan, is long time famous for its traditional culture. So many temples and Shinto shrines are well preserved in this city that it`s so easy to observe and appreciate their beauty simply by having a walk around town. Kyoto is an attractive city where people live in harmony with one another. Famous for many things, Kyoto is best known for its traditional dishes, beautiful Kiyomizu china, unique Nishijin Kimono, etc.

ARC Academy Kyoto school is located at the heart of Kyoto, Karasuma Shijo. This area is very convenient for shopping and sightseeing, making students possible to have much fun after classes.